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>> juliet: congratulations to all. bill: watch your schedule. good to be with you! jewel jal great to be with you. bill: check out martha, on "america live", in for meg -- megyn. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: hi everybody, thank you for joining us, i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett if in for jon scott, we are in the newsroom, "happening now", new details about terror plots targeting european cities, including plans for a mobile-style commando attack, how the deadly plot was discovered. jenna: live on capitol hill, brand new polling on which way the country leaning, less than five weeks before the mid terms. we'll talk to a senate candidate from an important battle ground state and the growing power of the tea party. gregg: in the bottom box, a
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reality show featuring a very, very married man who could add up to a whole lot of trouble for all those folks you see there. why this mormon polygamist family on "sister wives", that's the show, could face pretty serious criminal charges. jenna: "happening now", president obama, about to sit down with family necessary iowa for another back yard conversation on the economy. all part of a major push by the president, to rally support ahead of the midterm election. mike emanuel is there in demoines and you've been to a few back yards recently, so set the scene for this one today. >> jenna, president obama is inside the family home behind me in this lovely demoines neighborhood, chatting with the family, the wife is the athletic director at drake university, her husband is a local teacher, about 70 neighbors or so are gathered in the back yard behind me, and they're going to fire questions at president obama. it's going to give him an opportunity to their their
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-- hear their concerns. his aides have said they like going to different parts of the country because every place has been affect different ways due to the economic downturn, so it's an opportunity for him to hear from folks here and for him to make a pitch for what his administration has tried to do to help the economy and where they want to take the country in the next two years, jenna. jenna: some have said the president is really trying to energize supporters, specifically the democratic base, based on what you've seen, how is that going so far for the president? >> well, last night was a huge rally at the university of wisconsin in madison. trying to energize that youth that was so vital to him two years ago. and really, challenging the base, saying, you know, if you thought it was going to be easy, you were crazy, you know, this is the time where you have to step up, where you have to really push forward if you want change in this country. here's a sample of the president's pitch. >> i am telling you, wisconsin, we are bringing about change, and progress is going to come, but you've got to stick with me!
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just do your part. >> so trying to energize that base, trying get them to go to polls. it shows that younger voters are still supportive of the president, but perhaps not as enthusiastic, and the question mark is whether they're going to turn out in big numbers, five weeks from now. he's obviously counting on that, so he's pushing them hard to try to get them to go to the polls, jenna. jenna: mike emanuel with the president and the back yard beat today. mike, talk to you soon, thank you very much. >> okay, jenna. gregg: just n. a brand new audiotape from al-qaeda's america's spokesman, adam ghadan, urging pakistanis to rise up against the government there. ghadan saying in response to responsive flooding in pakistan was slugger and half hearted and he suspects aid to the people will be stolen by corrupt pakistani officials, this is the first time gadahn has appeared in a videotaped message since june. >> jury selection underway right now in new york city
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for the twin bombings of two u.s. embassy necessary africa back in 1998, those explosions, killing more than 200 people and the suspect is the first to face civilian law. eric, what's expected to happen today? >> jury selection is beginning but let me show you something first that has to do with what the obama administration had hoped for. remember when eric holder announced that a 9/11 terror suspect khalid sheikh mohammed will be tried in new york? that caused an uproar in security and now the case of ahmed ghailani, jury selection beginning, take a look a. normal new york city day in front of the courthouse. ghailani is one of the suspects in that bombing in '# eight. he was held in gitmo for years and he is the first detainee brought to the united states to be tried in civilian federal court as opposed to amilitary kofrplt
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he is said to have preferred gitmo than the federal lockup here because he could mingle with other associates and other detainees there, as well as allegedly finding t. quote, more relaxing, but he prefers the civilian court system over the military system because there are more judicial protections for suspects and defendants. the 19 # eight bombing at the two embassyies in tan za kneea and kenya killed 224 people. in fact, four other suspects were tried and convicted at this very courthouse back in 2001 of that crime and terrorist attack, that occurring just a few months before 9/11, just a couple of blocks from here. gregg: airicsic, what do his attorneys say, look he had nothing to do with this, you got the wrong guy, what are they doing? >>sy 34r50eding not guilty, claiming he didn't know protect pain tanks and
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material he got was going to be used for this attack and more importantly, perhaps, is the lawyers claim that as a detainee, they say that he was -- he underwent enhanced interrogation, in other words, that he was tortured. we don't know if that means he was water boarded or not. very talked to victoria toenseng that says until the civilian system they have a lot more protections than if in a military one. >> the difference between a regular criminal trial in federal court and the military commission is considerable. there are wonderful constitutional rules that have been created over the centuries to protect defendants' rights. these rights, carrying them out, do not translate to the battlefield conditions. >> reporter: and here's the rub, there are still 174 detainees in gitmo. their fate is undetermined.
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as far as kha*ld ead sheikh mohammed, he's waiting for the administration to announce where they want to try him. gregg: victoria is right, evidence obtained illegally is excluded under federal law in a civilian courtroom, so we'll wait and see what is in and out. eric shawn, we'll check back with you. thanks. jenna: let's take you out to minnesota now, dealing with major flooding there. if you can, go ahead and take a look at the damage to homes in the southeastern part of the state, also days of heavy rain, the governor there meeting with local leaders to talk about the cleanup, and even when the water recedes, though, many roads may stay closed because of all the damage there. you can see tough stuff out there in minnesota. also folks in florida, getting slammed by tropical storm nicole, she's here, some places could get 10 inches of rain and see serious flooding. this is brand new video coming in from miami, showing some of that storm. then the storms are going to move right up the coast, all over the east coast, apparently.
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meteorologist janice dean is live a the fox weather center with the 4r5eu9est on nicole. j.d. >> i hope you have your fancy rain boots ready for tomorrow because it's headed our way. tropical storm nicole has just been chrisened, if you will, that the national hurricane center, and this is a very broad system that extends from the carribean up towards bahamas, jamaica, cuba, into south florida. there's a radar. now, this is also going to merge or hook up with a frontal system that is currently moving across the east coast, so that's going to mean more rain, more wind, more thunderstorms, the possibility for even tornadoes. so let's take a look at the radar right now. there's key largo, miami, also radar estimates, 6-8 inches for the middle and upper keys. so they are getting drenched right now, all the way towards the east coast, florida, and then as i mentioned, we have this frontal system bringing incredible amounts of rain up towards the mid atlantic, northeast, and that's your future radar. so by thursday at 6:00,
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we're going to be dealing with this up towards the mid atlantic, the northeast. also want to mention wilmington, you could see an extra 10 inches. that would mean 20-25 inches of rain, parts of north carolina, and a 5-day span. so jenna, unfortunately this is going to be really nasty situation for folks across the mid atlantic and northeast. we saw those pictures coming out of the upper midwest, where they got ten or 11 inches of rain. can you imagine 20-25 inches of rain in less than a week? this is going to be really dangerous situation in the next 24-48 hours. jen certainly doesn't give us a lot to look forward to, j.d., as we go into the weekend. >> we'll keep you up to date. jenna: appreciate the permission to go out and buy fancy rain boots, because i don't have any. >> you have to be fashionable. jenna: that's a very good point and one that's valid to many of our viewers as well. j.d., thank you very much!
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if everyone wants to follow the latest on the tropical storm that's moving up the east coast or just to see what's going on in weather in your own home town, we have it for you, go to gregg: mass protests across europe today. take a look: >> madrid, spain, workers walking off the job today to protest government austerity measures, airlines canceling flights and protestors blocking trucks from delivering produce to the marketplace, unions calling for the strike, saying that banks triggered the financial crisis, but workers are suffering as a direct result. jenna: gregg, we've talked about the outrage over bank bailouts right here in the united states but check out what's happening today in ireland as the public react toss bailouts there. you see this? one man using his cement truck to make pint point. he rammed it into the irish parliament building.
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it's definitely not a safe situation there. police can arrest the driver, he had to climb out of the truck's sun roof and that's because the doors were welded shut. the windows, covered by metal grills. apparently, this vehicle has been used in other antigovernment protests. so it was made for that, i guess you could say, gregg. gregg: well, the latest on coordinated terror attacks targeting european cities and possibly the united states. the planned attack, said to be very similar to the deadly assault on hotel necessary mumbai, india. plus, you saw it unfolding here yesterday, a student armed with an ak47 opening fire at the university of texas at austin. harris is at the breaking news desk with more details on the shooting and a possible motive.
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jenna: well, we are getting new information on that terrifying scene yesterday at the university of texas campus in austin. harris has more on this story.
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harris. >> reporter: now we know answers to two questions that we were asked yesterday, the who and the why. you'll remember the four hours of terror on the university of texas campus in austin. who would do this? police now releasing the photograph of sophomore, he was a maj -- math major, colt kwr-pb cooley of austin, and you know, it's kind of typical, we always hear stories after this, the person was so nice and quiet but they even talked to his high school teacher and they say he was a very smart, intelligent kid who had a very positive attitude, always seemed to kind of keep his emotions in check and really a quiet kind of a tkpwaoeurbgs 19 years old, and we know the details now, he opened fire at the fountain, just at the base of the tower, when police showed up on campus after reports of gunfire from that ak47, he ran into the perry library and stayed there and we now know died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. by the way the camp sus reopened today, students getting back to class,
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43,000 received that text message warning them to lock their doors yesterday. they're back in their classes and that library is reopening as well. now the big question: why. and that's why the investigation continues. motive. what would make this 19-year-old seemingly nice, quiet, intelligent kid open fire with an ak47 in the middle of the day on a crowded campus that had to stay locked down for four hours. their searching for answers. back to you. jenna: harris, as you said, we may not know why. >> reporter: may not. jenna: but that's the investigation. hair it's, thank you so much. gregg: u.s. drone missile strikes in pakistan targeting militants plotting terror attacks on european cities, and a senior u.s. intelligence official now saying cities in britain, germany, france, and denmark, all in the crosshairs, in plots modeled after the 2008 massacre in mumbai, india, gunmen storming luxury hotels and killing 166 people. joining us now, peter newman, a terrorism expert at king's college in london.
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peter, always good to see you. there is word from senior intelligence officials that this was a plot that was hatched by al-qaeda's number three, mohammed kashmirie, who is a pakistani. does that sound about right? >> it could be. it all goes back to a german national that the americans arrest in july and they've been questioning over a period of time, and over the course of these interrogations, it seems like he's revealed a number of plots that he's been instructed to carry out. it would make sense, al-qaeda desperately needs another success in the eyes of their supporters, and success, the ultimate successes, are successful attacks against the west, so it would make sense for this this happen at this point in al-qaeda's history. gregg: and apparently the idea was to not only attack the hotels but to make westerners as hostage, in particular, france was targeted here, peter. is that perhaps related to france's recent ban on
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conservative muslim women wearing birckas? >> there are two separate things going on here. one is the mumbai-style attacks that he's been talking about. on a separate note, al-qaeda and the islam -- islamic mantra in north africa has been attacking france, anyway, and part of this is related to the ban in france but also because they want to attack a western country, anyway, and if america is difficult they will go for europe so france is a very opportunistic target, they evacuated the eiffel tower on two separate occasions over the past ten days which indicates that the french are taking this very, very seriously. gregg: what about attacking the united states, and u.s. interests? >> no, i think u.s. interests are always very high on the list of targets, and with all of these plots you will always see that even if they are taking place in countries abroad, usually they include an american target, an american
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embassy, an american company, even the mumbai-style attacks in 2008 in mumbai included american targets. so if they can't get into america itself, they will try to attack american interests abroad. america is the number one target for al-qaeda. gregg: well, the good news here is that apparently we're getting a whole lot better, as well as other countries, in detecting and foiling these plots. peter neumann, thank you very much, good to see you. by the way, we want to hear from you on this enormous story, our "happening now" question of the day: if you are planning a trip to europe, would the current terror conditions there make you change your plan? log on to our show page, fox now, click on your answer, and we'll show those results a bit later on in the next hour. jenna: a big victory for the tea party candidate in a battle ground state of colorado. but now the man face as tough challenge from his democratic opponent and
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things are getting ugy. plus we'll talk to ken pwufbg about the tea party rally and what happens if he wins this race. you may not know this but he was a high school football coach. >> and peewe. tournament turning into a major brawl. the parents going at it with the coaches and who is outraged? just ahead. gregg: that's just not right!
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jenna: well, we are less than five weeks to go into the mid terms where the balance of power in congress is really up to grabs and one place where the race is neck to neck is colorado.
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joining us now, ken buck, republican senate candidate from colorado. mr. buck, great to see you, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. jenna: what's really exciting about this midterm election is we're seeing a new breed, if you will, of politicians, this hybrid politician, a tea party-backed republican. which side do you have more alliance torque the tea party or the republican party? >> after the primary, i'm with both of them. the values are similar in both. before i was running for the primary i was a tea party grassroots candidate and i am happy to be the republican nominee at this point. jenna: which side is the better fund-raiser for you? >> well, i think the republican establishment has the better resources in fundraising, i think the tea party and grassroots organizations are really the boots on the ground for the campaign evident. jenna: our viewers are very
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curious about some of these alliances between the tea party and the republican that's right because the big question is what happens in washington when you have some of these new people end up there. so if and when you get to d.c., what's on the top of your agenda there? >> well, i think spending is the issue i keep hearing from voters, and i think it is the issue that i will bring with me to washington, d.c. and work the hardest on. folks are sick and tired of washington, d.c. spending the way it is, at a time when we have $13 trillion of debt and over $100 trillion of unfunded liability the. jenna: where -- liabilities. jenna: where do you start cut something. >> i think everywhere. i don't think there's anywhere that's not on the table. i think we have to look at various departments and entitlements. jenna: your opponent calls you an extremist. i'm sure that's not necessarily news to you. there are ads floating around out there about you that we're going to ask you about. we're going to roll run and -- roll one and i'll get
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your reaction afterwards. >> listen to ken buck on social security: >> he puts social security in the stock market, billions for wall street. listen to buck on whether he'd rewrite the constitution and end our right to vote for our own senators. >> the short answer is yes. >> ending our right to vote? threatening social security. ken buck. the more you hear, the more you wonder. jenna: mr. buck, do you want to rewrite the constitution and privatize social security? >> i don't. but it's interesting that my opponent, michael bennett, wants to run away from the votes he has been making for the last 18 months. he has voted for the stimulus package, he's voted for health care, he wants to do whatever he can to not have the debate about his voting record in colorado. and it's unfortunate, because it's what the voters want to talk about. they want to talk about spending and the economy and jobs. they're not interested in talking about the 17th amendment or privatizing social security or, frankly, someone who the various news
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channels and newspapers have said is running with misleading ads and taking three, four words out of a three paragraph answer is just flat misleading. jenna: we can mention we invited your opponent, democratic michael bennett on and we look forward to having him on as well. a quick final question for you mr. buck: as i mentioned you worked as a high school football coach, you've done a variety of different jobs, like a school janitor job, for example, a ranch hand. why do you want to add senator to that list? >> i think it's a great opportunity in this country to make a difference. eighteen months ago, i was upset with what was going on, frankly mad with what was going on in d.c., and i think being in the united states senate is a great opportunity to have an impact in the right direction for our country. jen we look forward to following this race in the final five weeks and we thank you very much for joining us today, perform ken buck, and wish you luck in colorado. >> thank you very much. jenna: fox news is your election headquarters across all platforms, you can get breaking political news, twefp, by logging on to
11:28 am, check out our great blog, front row seat to politics, correspondents and producers always posting the very latest information you need there on gregg: if you think politics is a rough game, check this one out. a massive brawl erupting among parents and coves at a pee wee football game in texas. yeah, pee wees. the fight initially breaking out after a couple of the pee wees got into a scuffle on the field, but then the parents step in, others followed, things soon got way out of hand and police say no charges will be filed, but the football league, banned both teams from post-season play. president obama is on the road right now. he is in iowa for a so-called back yard discussion on the economy. and then he'll be on to virginia. more of the same. it's the battle for the bushes, you might argue. can the president sway swing voters in the mid terms? wendell goler will have the latest on that strategy. and have you heard about
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this sky? cody brown, the newest breakout reality television star, butsy getting a whole lot more attention than perhaps he wanted as the star of helicopter sister wives" on tlc, he has four, count them, four, spouses, some 13 kids, and he is flaunting a polygamist lifestyle. >> my name is cody brown and you've got to meet my family. i'm a polygamist, but we're not the polygamists you think you know. i have three awesome wives, mary, janelle, and christie. >> gregg: he's since add add fourth. will authorizes prosecute him? should they? we'll debate it.
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jen let's take a live look at demoines, iowa, president obama now trying to fire up the democratic base ahead of the midterm elections. there he is.
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so he's hitting the suburbs to meet constituents, face to face. wendell goler is live at the white house with this story, wendell. >> reporter: jenna, the president is holding back yard event necessary demoines and richmond, virginia today which are not suburbs but the events are designed to appeal to suburban voters who make up half the population and a bit more than half of the congressional districts, up from one third in 1980, it's the reason the president went to nicole armstrong and john nicholas' back yard in fairfax, virginia outside washington a couple of weeks ago, voters in fairfax and other northern virginia suburbs clenched that state for him in 2008, first time virginia had voted for a democrat since lyndon johnson in 1964. the tough news for democrats is fairfax county voted for a republican governor the following year, and there are signs other burbs may be swing swinging back into the red column. got a live picture of the president in demoines right now, republicans focusing on
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the suburbs as well, california congressman kevin mccarthy says if you can't win the suburbs you can't get to a majority. it's as simple as that. just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. political analysts say supporters put a premium on confidence and trustworthyness, they don't like extremism and decifit spending so the decifit plays against mr. obama but if he makes the case that republicans had no agenda other than trying to block his that may work in his favor and the tea party is the tossup, it remains to be seen whether it will be seen in the suburbs as competent, truth worthy or mainstream. jenna: wendell goler at the white house, thank you. gregg: utah police now accounting a reality television show family for bigamy. the show is called-sister wives", it premiered sunday on tlc, 41-year-old salesman cody brown has four wise, he married one in a legal ceremony and the others appear to be common law spouses. there are 13 children in all, three stepchildren,
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brown and his wives are fundamentalist mormons and say they believe in plural marriage. but polygamy is illegal in utah. it's considered a felony crime there. apparently brown is not too terribly worried about putting it all out there on dvd. take a look. >> 20 years ago i married mary, and then 17 years ago, i married janelle, and then 16 years ago, i married christine. >> fox news analyst, former federal prosecutor and doug pannis is a family law attorney. let's start with the law. we put it up on the screen here. utah statute on bigamy, a person is guilty of bigamy when knowing he or she has a husband or wife the person purport toss marry another person or cohabitates with another person. does this statute appear to be tailor made for cody brown add his wife? >> i think this statute was made for cody brown and his
11:36 am
wife, because they're both purporting to be husband and wives. by the way, why would anyone want four wives? that's another story. but you know, it's -- we won't go there! >> but why is he purporting, and cohabitating and that's common law marriage. >> so you would prosecute? were you the prosecutor? >> of course. and just because putting it out there, in this reality show, making it so blatant. >> even if three of the four marriages were, let's say, some sort of goofy spiritual marriage, doug, and not necessarily illegal with a pastor or, let's say, justice of the petitions, utah still recognizes common law marriages and these folks are flaunting it. take a look: >> you guys like rob stpheupb. >> yeah. >> you like him did you have fun? >> yeah. >> robin has her choice, but i still like that we should invite robin to come into our family. >> okay.
11:37 am
gregg: this may be the best evidence that these folks areeld whoing themselves out to be married times four. a crime? >> no. not -- maybe by the statute, yes, but not according to the attorney general. they don't have the resources to prosecute every polygamy charge that's out there. they're really looking to the legislative intent to go after fraud, child trafficking, domestic violence type cases. if they went after everybody that was living together, you'd be going after everybody that's not married and living together or may have a roomate or two-room it's a. >> but that laws -- we've got a law on the book, a statute, which gregg just went they and said we don't have the resources to prosecute so you're not going to prosecute people that go and rob a bank because we don't have the resources? come on, you *t either have the statutes on the books and enforce it or you don't. >> i think you have to look at the utah constitution states it's a legal marriage between a man and woman, and
11:38 am
then in the bigamy statute t. just says purports to marry or cohabits. they're trying to have it both ways. >> not really, because the statute trumps what -- you know, obviously, marriage between a man and woman, that's what utah says -- says, but then this polygamy statute goes hand in hand with that, you can't marry more than one woman. >> i talked to the county attorney as opposed to the attorney general and his name is jeff uman, i talked to him last night, he said as a general rule when presented with evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime is being committed we generally file the charges. that's what a good prosecutor should be saying. >> absolute hrefplt if it was a hard case, a difficult case, then you can talk about resources and say that, but exhibit a is the clip that you just ran. that's all you need to do. >> what's interesting is not just what the family says on camera, but what they said in a statement to us. we're disappointed, they said, in the announcement, of an investigation, but when we decided to do the show, we knew there would be
11:39 am
risks. isn't that an admission of knowledge and intent to break the law? >> although it may be an admission, i think they have -- their reasoning behind it is to get publicity out there for their cause, which is the freedom to express themselves in their religious community. >> i'm sorry -- >> freedom of religion never works on this. >> and it will not trump the law, absolutely. the law is in utah that you cannot be married to -- >> let me draw an abgy -- an analogy. if my religion in the middle east condoned honor killings, that's clearly against the law. it's murder. it's illegal. you couldn't cite religious or cultural preferences. >> think about any case like that where somebody will commit a crime and say my religion made me do it. >> quick question, is -- is he in any legal dang stpher. >> first amendment. >> they're not in any danger. >> that's what i thought. interesting story, we'll continue to follow it, we'll let you know if there is a prosecution here, the county
11:40 am
attorney in utah is waiting for the investigative report from the local police agency before making a decision. jenna. jenna: all right, let's take a look at what's happening in the business world now. the stock market certainly has been iffy over the last couple of months, so has the real estate market and people are really looking at gold. gold prices now at an all-time high. just this morning, hitting $1314. that's per ounce. vending machines, dispensing gold bars, are already the rage overseas, in places like abu dhabi, the machines take cash or credit cards, the makers of gold to go, planning on bringing them to the united states this year. one of the questions we wanted to ask today, with gold at a record high and also business ventures, what does this mean for the economic recovery? tina -- peter marici, international trade commission and author, at the university of maryland. peter, the stock market looks like it's going to finish september at the highest mark we've seen, at least the best september
11:41 am
we've seen since 1939 but you also have gold at a record high. what does that mean about the recovery? >> we're having an unusually good september because we had a terrible august august in the stock market, so this year, the stocks aren't up much. this interest in gold reflects a lack of confidence in the recovery. essentially, folks are afraid the u.s. economy isn't going to grow, create jobs, that sort of thing, and down the road, there's going to be a lot of inflation from all the money the obama administration is printing, so people are shorting the economy and stocking up on gold. jenna: and so should we all be buying gold? i mean, that's the question. you see all these ads all over the place and it makes people afraid. so i know you're not an economist or necessary me an investor, pete e. but any thoughts on that? >> well, i do invest. i would suggest if people want to buy gold they do it through an exchange traded fund, about the -- not by buying gold bars from a machine. that's a terribly expensive way to buy gold, you have to store it, secure it, and they keep it for you, and you can sell back your
11:42 am
shares like a mutual fund, and it should mayor 10 percent of your portfolio, unless you're an astonishingly wealthy person who can take extraordinary risks because gold historically is very volatile. will it go up? i'll point this out to you. in 1980, in inflation-adjusted terms, gold was 50 percent higher than this is atoo than it is right now. jenna: what would make it come back down from the record high we've seen? >> people are going to have to start having more confidence in barack bin laden and his republican opponents and they seem to have confidence in neither so manage this economy. if the u.s. economy gets growing again, like it's supposed to, four, five, 6 percent a year, and unemployment comes down, the price of gold may moderate a bit. i don't think it's ever going to come all the way back down again, simply because so many more people own gold and can own gold through these exchange traded funds, and heck, now you're going to be able to buy it like a coke! jenna: you're not going to be lining up at those vending machines, i take it, peter.
11:43 am
>> no, i wouldn't, but if i wanted to invest in gold, i would suggest buying an exchange traded fund, they store the gold for you in a place that looks like fort knox, so to speak, and you buy shares, and it's a very economical way to buy tkpwofpltd there's not a lot of buying fee, not a lot of selling fee. it's the best way to guy goldo buy gold. it's sort of like the best way to buy pound social security by charging something on your american express card as opposed to exchanging money at the airport. which is very expensive. vending machines are much worse than that. jenna: that's a good point, peter, we appreciate it very much, peter marici. interesting to note when you put the money in the vending machine it comes out in little bars of gold. gregg: mini bars, not the regular big sized bars that you have at your house. jen i collect gold jewelry, gregg. gregg: almost as big. the american al-qaeda out with a brand new videotape mess an. what adam gadhan is now calling for. plus we're going to take a closer look at whether the terrorists are winning the
11:44 am
propaganda war. plus the tea party and gop and how republicans feel about the movement and it may surprise you. an in depth look at the power of the tea party.
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jenna: the tea parties are racking up big wins, sparks some fears of a rift in the gop but a new poll seems to debunk that theory, 71 percent say they're tea party supporters, saying they either had a tpeufrable -- favorable image of the movement or hopes the tea party wins in november. ed gillespie joins us now. the "wall street journal" describes the tea party this way, as a center of gravity within the republican party. how would you describe it? >> i would say that it's a driving force right now in terms of peoples' concerns about too much debt, too
11:48 am
much spending, excessive taxation, the largest tax increase in american history, looming on the horizon on january 1, and i think that the tea party voters have brought a lot of vigor to the republican party. you know, sometimes it's a little disruptive but growing pains are better than shrinking pains any day if you're a former party chairman like i am. >> david a*pbgsel rod offers his own opinion, saying the republican brand is not very strong right now and that's primarily why the tea party is actually here. what responsibility do you think the republican has for this tea party moving even starting? is it because people weren't happy with the republican party and the brand wasn't strong? >> well, i think there are definitely a lot of tea party voters who don't consider themselves republicans and are skeptical of both parties, and i think that's understandable, jenna. i think when republicans win control of the house of representatives which i believe we will in november, or we'll get very close or maybe even win control of the senate in november, we'll demonstrate our
11:49 am
commitment to fiscal discipline and getting control of spending. i believe republicans will do that, but the fact is these voters tend to be leary of both parties. but the voting -- they're voting republican, though. jenna: one of the things this poll also shows from the "wall street journal" is there is some concern that the tea party will influence the gop to be more conservative and less willing to reach common ground amongst maybe themselves and also maybe the other party. how real do you think that risk is, once we get past the november midterm, that the gridlock is just within our future in the government? >> well, there's always that risk, of course. i would hope that when president obama sees the outcome of this election, he would try to move more toward the center, away from the pretty radically liberal agenda that he's pursued since taking the white house and working with the pelosi-reid congress. and i think, you know, there are areas where we can find agreement on spending restraints. they talk sometimes from time to time about the need to reign in federal spending, too, and the tea
11:50 am
party voters and republicans will reach out and try to find areas where we can agree on reigning in spending. i would think that in terms of opening up trade to make our goods more competitive and accessible to foreign markets would be an area where there could be some common ground but the notion that well, then republicans should come in and we should cut spending here and raise taxes there, i don't think there are many people right now on the economy or in the electorate who say yeah, we're going to send some of these people to washington so they can help raise tax, that's not likely to happen. jenna: since you did work with the former president, george w. bush, you're working with karl rove now to help back some of these republican candidates, what do you think you've learned from your time with the former president, that mistakes that republicans shouldn't make this time around? >> look, i think obviously president bush, i'm very proud of my time with president bush, i do think there was a time when republicans had control of congress, where we -- when we were in the white house, where voters would like to have seen greater spending restraint and i think that
11:51 am
that is an area where we have to go back and demonstrate to voters a commitment to fiscal discipline. jenna: all right, ed, i'm going to have to leave it there. ed gillespie, we appreciate you joining us today, thank you very much, and we'll be right back with more "--jolly g with more "happening now".
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
gregg: well, we expect to find out very soon if house democrats will schedule a vote on extending the bush tax cuts before the midterm elections. molly henneberg is watching the action on capitol hill and molly, 47 democrats are pretty concerned. why? >> hi gregg. they're concerned about two particular parts of the bish era tax cuts that are going to expire at the end of the year, the taxes on dividends and long term capital gains. long term capital gains taxes are the taxes you pay on a -- on the profit from an asset that you hold more
11:55 am
than a year, that goes from 15 percent to 20 percent at the end of the year to the 47 democrats are concerned about that. they saepbt letter to speaker nanny pelosi, they say this is going to hurt businesses because it's going to decrease small businesses, it's going to decrease the a capital they have so they won't be able to create as many jobs. as far as dividends, they wrote in the letter, a portion of it, we'll show you, new jersey democrat john adler wrote this, quote, raising the tax rates on dividends would likely cause some companies to forego paying dividends and others to pay a lower amount to shareholders. these outcomes would dis proportionately affect seniors and those saving for retirement as they represent a large portion of investors who own dividend paying stocks. democratic leaders say they're going to announce how they're going to proceed on what to do with the expiring bush era tax cuts, quote, soon, gregg. gregg: molly, as i understand t. republicans are saying hey listen, democrats, you've got to get moving on this thing, true? >> well, republicans don't control the agenda here. they're in the minority.
11:56 am
but they favor extending the bush era tax cuts for everyone, individuals and small businesses, and they say -- they had a press conference today and they are pushing the democrats to do something on this before congress leaves town at the end of the week to go hole and campaign for the midterm elections, but they say there's a reason why democrats aren't moving on it. here's more: >> the reason they're not bringing this up for a vote is because we have the votes in the house and senate to extend all of the current tax rates. it's irresponsible for them to leave town without giving us a fair up or down vote. >> it's possible democrats may decide to push this off to the lame duck session after the midterm elections and then figure out what to do with the expiring tax cuts then. gregg: we've got bob beckel coming up, i'll have to ask him about that very question, is that going to hurt democrats or maybe in some ways, help them. molly henneberg, live in washington, thank you. jenna: looking forward to that conversation between you and bob, two buddies
11:57 am
kind of talking about tax cuts. the u.s. senate race in california is a tight one, it's certainly getting nasty with the rest of them, incumbent barbara boxer facing a challenge from carly fiorina. will tonight's debate be the deciding factor? campaign carl cameron is live with this story. we're learning frightening details about a terror plot targeting hotels and tourist spots like the eiffel tower in paris, why this threat is far from over. we have that just ahead. this is the aarp...
11:58 am
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jenna: fox news alert authorities on guard across europe today as an active terror plot targeting major cities is uncovered. brand-new hour of "happening now." a big story ahead. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm in for jon scott. jenna: so far we hear terrorists wanted to stage attacks across cities in europe, similar to this one carried out in 2008. fox news was told that some of the attackers were already en route to europe. europe is where we found greg palkot, live in london for us. what is the latest on this terror plot. >> reporter: jenna the broad outline of this story is very alarming, faction news confirming through its own sources that the u.s. authorities have believed that al-qaida was planning a full-scale simultaneous, coordinated attack on europe, including these countries.
12:01 pm
u. k. france, jeremy and denmark. the targets included hotels, transportation links, restaurants, anywhere where foreigners might be, anywhere where americans might be. as you noted, jenna it was deemed to be similar to the attack that we saw two years ago in mumbai where could he manned doe style attacks with a group related to the al-qaida outfit in pakistan wreaked havoc for three full days. it is believed those involved were based in pakistan, those plotting this were based in pakistan. that's why according to sources we've seen this wave of drone attacks right up against the border with afghanistan, an attempt by the u.s. to disrupt this plot before it got going. jenna: let's talk a little bit about the who to this story, who is actually behind this plot. we mentioned al-qaida. is it indeed our fingers pointed to al-qaida or some other smaller splinter group that could be responsible they are
12:02 pm
this. >> reporter: there is one individual we've been tracking very hard for the last 6 or 7 hours. a german of afghan decent, he used to live in hamburg and used to attend the very same mosque that atta and other 9/11 conspirators worshipped at several years ago. he moved over to afghanistan and got his training from a uzbek off shot from al-qaida. when he was moving through afghanistan he was nabbed by the u.s. and that's where he has been spilling his guts. i am told also, general a -- jenna, a word of caution from my german contacts, what he has been saying is a little bit vague, not specific with the target or who is involved, but with other information coming about other people with other plots meshing with what he's saying the u.s. decided to move now. we've been seeing a lot of terror alerts in europe the last couple of weeks. the i've fell tower has been evacuated twice.
12:03 pm
we've heard from authorities in the u. k., germany, they say they are aware of it and that they are ready. jenna: we'll be back to you, greg as this story develops. a lot more to it. we want to ask our viewers as well. these plots are targeting popular tourist december anyone stations. that instills fear in people. we want to know what you were thinking about this. if you were plan a trip to europe would the current terror concerns make you change your plans? you can go to our website"happening now" and we want to hear from you on this developing story. gregg: in afghanistan a serious blow to al-qaida nato confirming that an air strike took out a senior commander who led attacks along the pakistan border, that as pakistan is investigating reports that a cia drone strike killed the terror group's number three in its territory.
12:04 pm
connor powell streaming live from kabul, connor. >> reporter: well, greg, nato and u.s. officials have confirmed that a top al-qaida official was killed over the weekend. he was operating in eastern afghanistan. they have not pointed to what type of attacks he's been responsible for or tied to in the past. he was a facilitator helping to launch attacks in eastern afghanistan. u.s. officials have coon firmed that he was a very senior al-qaida official. he was killed on saturday. this is one of several attacks in the region that has been launched by u.s. nato and coalition troops over the weekend. another al-qaida official was killed in western pakistan. in recent weeks we've seen a big step up in drone attacks in eastern and western -- eastern
12:05 pm
afghanistan, western pakistan. u.s. and afghan officials have come to the realization in the last few months, the last year that there can be no victory in afghanistan unless the safe-haven that al-qaida and the taliban enjoy in pack san are removed. they have been publicly decrying and arguing and complaining about the eye tax. privately they have supported u.s. and afghan attacks in western pakistan for the sole purpose of trying to reduce violence in afghanistan, greg. gregg: streaming live from kabul afghanistan, connor, thanks. jenna: fox news alert for you now. we talked a little bit about potential terror "tax. what about a major attack on the internet. lawmakers are considering this bill that would give the president some special power during a major internet attack, a power over businesses. elizabeth mcdonald is here from the fox business network. what kind of powers are we talking about? >> reporter: we're talking about the a ability of the president
12:06 pm
to be able to shut down the internet with up to 90 days with no congressional oversight. there are increased cyber attacks on our infrastructure here in the united states. banks ooh traoepb lee get cyber hacked into. the water supply, there is fear of cyber attacks. jenna: business would come to a halt? >> reporter: it would be frozen for certain parts of the business. the bill says critical infrastructure, it's being left up to the white house, and also homeland security to decide. jenna: what are some of the concerns. >> reporter: congress says there's been over a billion threats coming into congressional agencies and the white house and other related agencies every month. and the fear is that these cyber aeu tarbgs on the rise. the fbi is telling me and fox business that they are seeing
12:07 pm
al-qaida terrorists talking about the u.s. infrastructure, al-qaida affiliates and sympathizers. that's the fear. the issue is how do you define what is critical? who defines it, and will that kill switch last for 90 days meaning a black out on internet activity and how many sectors will be involved here. jenna: it's really a remarkable thing to even try to think about. look at us we're all on the computers on the fox business network. liz, thank you very much. follow her story on fox gregg over to you. gregg: "happening now" in california, campaign combat, if you will. senator barbara boxer in a very tight race against republican carly fiorina. both sides trading fierce jobs as they get ready for what could be their final debate. campaign carl cameron joining us live in home of the rose parade, beautiful pasadena, california. carl, what should we expect from
12:08 pm
the face off? >> reporter: i thought you were going to call me combat carl. i was going to say this debate could actually be a little bit of that. it's going to be interesting. the candidates aren't both here. we are standing in front of the southern california raid wroe offices. carly fiorina will be here for the debate. while she is ready to mix it up with her democratic incumbent opponent, barbara boxer the three-term u.s. senator will be in washington where she has been working and legislating. this will be a split screen debate for the voters of california with carly fiorina and boxer in washington and for the republican side of it that is sort of symbolic, metaphorical if you will. they say barbara boxer has lost touch with california and when she's in washington she is spending for -- voting for spending increases and tax increases that they can no longer afford. barbara boxer will attack tpaoez tpoez for her business record. barbara boxer has been aggressively attacking
12:09 pm
suggesting that she is responsible for outsourcing 30,000 jobs in cliff. the counter attack was at least i've been creating jobs while you were in the senate. it's going to be a nasty battle. cross continental via satellite for the voters of california who in less than five weeks have a tough choice here. there was a poll that said barbara boxer has an edge. it's largely been discredited for over sampling democrats. everyone knows it's going to be to t- the wire and it will be bloody every day. gregg: is there a sense as to why this race has turned out to be so close at this stage? >> reporter: sure, one of the great similarities that can't be overlooked is these are two women very well known. while carly fiorina is new to politics she has a national reputation having campaigned with and for john mccain. barbara boxer has been fixture. when it comes to policies barbara boxer is a proud
12:10 pm
unabashed, unapologetic democratic liberal and carly fiorina casts herself as a very, very strong conservative and she's tapped tea party support. they are both accusing one another of being totally ill suited to deal with the problems of the country when it comes to the jobs and the economy. the folks of california are clearly and re, and miss boxer hasn't even won the endorsement of the san francisco chronicle who says she's ineffective and nothing she's done means she needs another try at this. it's tepid support for the incumbent and antagonism on the right with voters looking for change through a republican. gregg: that's kret i critical, the paper not endorsing her. thanks, carl cameron. jenna: fox news alert we're
12:11 pm
getting word of a hospital shooting in nebraska. harris you have a beat on this. >> reporter: this is on the campus of crichton university. it's at university hospital , the medical center there. coming out of the omaha police department now, at least two of their officers have been shot, and what a spokesperson for the police department is saying is they do not expect that the injuries are life strengthening at this time, but two police officers shot and a suspect critically wounded as well. this started about an hour and a half, hour 45 minutes ago. police were called to the lobby of this hospital. although we are not told exactly where inside the hospital the shooting happened. police are saying at this point there is a partial lockdown, and, again, this is at crichton university in omaha, nebraska. the medical center there. we've got a picture of it right now. this is not a live picture, it's a still photo of the hospital to show you what we are talking about here. i'm going to get off, make some
12:12 pm
phone calls and see what else i can find out. two police officers down and one suspect critically wounded. back to you. gregg: and the search is on now for more survivors after a hillside gives way smothering a town. the rel come news rescuers are now getting. plus, cheerleading real sport or, not so much? while two groups are pulling out all the stops to make sure the twirls and stunts are more than just school spirits. [singing] ♪ ]
12:13 pm
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12:15 pm
gregg: welcome back right now. a look at the stories we are following around the world. in the top box a massive mudslide in mexico. a hillside collapsing on a town in the southern state of oaxaca. no confirmed deaths, 11 people still missing.
12:16 pm
middle box, a gamer -- glimmer of hope for the chilean miners. the trapped miners could actually be freed within two weeks, that's a month ahead of schedule. in the bottom box, china testing a new passenger train hitting speeds of, get this, over 250 miles an hour. the mail rocket will cut the normal travel time between two cities from two hours to just 40 minutes. jenna: new information on competitive cheerleading which may be close to becoming an official sport. this after a court ruling last summer seemed to rel louisiana gate to some of the pom-pom's and tweurls to nothing more than a mascot. >> reporter: we've seen how cheerleading has evolved over the last few years. it has become a lot more than
12:17 pm
just high kicks and picture mid -- mirra mid -- myramids. when you watch this you say how could this not be a sport. a judge ruled that competitive cheerleading is undeveloped and disorganized to qualify as a sport under title 9. that's the 1972 law assuring equal rights for women's athletics. two organizations are doing whatever is necessary to get the recognition. they feel they deserve. >> we've been looking at every angle possible, as far as how the ncaa selects an emerging sport and we're putting together all of the necessary information to be able to present to them in may a complete packet of information that will we believe lead to an emerging sport status. >> reporter: the steps include
12:18 pm
participation from at least 20 schools, and easy scoring system where there can be a clear winner and a competitive, regular and post-season. none of this is dampening the competitor's. >> i've been told i'm and athlete since i was 14 years old. we are in the weight room, lifting weight, we are competing with the football guys in our strength. it's refreshing to have an outlet to try to prove this. >> reporter: neither group has met any of the requirements but they do hope some have a plan by the spring and a competitive program up and running by next year. it will be up to the ncaa to make the official ruling. if you've seen the tape, and you've seen what is going on, i mean it's hard-core stuff. jenna: did you bring those pom-poms for greg. >> reporter: i did, they are right here in case you're ready. jenna: it matches his outfit. gregg: thank you very much. i was never a cheerleader. they tried to recruit me. jenna: i could sort of see it, can't you.
12:19 pm
>> reporter: i can see it, yeah. gregg: get out. were you a cheerleader, jenna. jenna: no i wasn't. i always liked watching the competition, the back flip i wanted to do that. >> reporter: i found these in the newsroom. gregg: were you a cheerleader laura. >> reporter: wait a minute, wait a minute with pop warner football 8th grade in california. gregg: i like cheerleaders, i dated one and that got me in trouble. the woman who admits faking an acid attack on herself appearing before a judge today for the very first time. she is facing theft charges after allegedly going on a shopping spree with donations. plus, taking stock of president obama, do you think he's been successful? what the president has to say about what he's doing with the job, how he thinks he's doing straight ahead. w
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
jenna: this just in on the former president jimmy carter, the associated press is reporting that he's going to be staying a second night at that cleveland hospital he went to yesterday. remember during our show we learned that the former president went to the hospital after complaining he felt ill on his flight into ohio, and that he went to the hospital because he just wasn't feeling well he had an upset stomach. we are hearing from doctors are recommending just a second night, and overnight stay, another overnight stay just for observation. we'll keep you up to date as we hear more about the former president jimmy carter. also here is another update as well to another story we've been watching closely, the washington state woman who admitted an acid attack was all a hoax expected in court today. lawyers for the woman saying she'll plead not guilty to three theft charges stemming from the money she spent after accepting
12:24 pm
charitable donations for her facial burns. she spent about 1500 of that nearly $28,000 donated. her parents say the money will be returned. gregg: right now president obama is in iowa, he's talking about the economy with some middle class families there, he's on the road this week trying to rally support for his agenda and convince voters that his presidency has been a success, an argument he made to rolling stone magazine and we'll quote here, i keep in my pocket a checklist of the promises i made during the campaign, and here i am after way through my first term and we have probably accomplished 70% of the thins that we said we were going to do. well, the polls don't seem to reflect that argument. fox news contributor bob beckel is a professor of advanced political studies at george washington university. good to see you, bob.
12:25 pm
if the president has according to his account been so successful, why do a majority of americans, according to that new gw university poll, disapprove of his performance in office with a scant 38% saying he deserves to be reelected? >> it's because of the economy, it's as simple as that, it's a economic great recession that he inherited, nonetheless now it's his. it over shadows everything else. i think that's part of it. i think also that there are people who probably wonder yes decided to take on healthcare when the economy was in such difficult shape, and it was difficult getting a clear message out about the healthcare reform bill, and it was easy to tear it down. he's taken onto subjects and issues that are important to take on yet they are easily attacked and he's done it in the backdrop of a very difficult economy. i think that's one of the reasons. he hasn't resonated out there
12:26 pm
yet. gregg: i want to get your reaction to this fox news opinion dynamics poll. you say he's the victim of a bad economy, but 47% of americans say the president has actually made the economy worse. only 36% thinks his policies have made things better, and then by the way another poll showed 57% of americans think the stimulus failed. so, bob, it's his policies, isn't it not the economic conditions? >> no, i think it's the economic conditions. the fact is you have a stubborn unemployment rate hovering around 10% . that hasn't been able to come down all that much. the stimulus package that helped in certain places didn't help in others. i don't think there is a reasonable economist conservative or liberal that doesn't think that it helped us avoid a much worse recession or a depression. but the problem is that in a bad economy unless things are getting better every day you're
12:27 pm
going to take the hit for that, you're president of the united states. it goes back to george bush in his off year elections. go back through history and take a look where presidents are in midterms, if the economy is do their party does all right, if it's bad they don't do well. gregg: let me quickly hit two more subjects with you. in the same rolling stone interview the president seemed to scold democrats telling them to buck up, the same words that joe biden used in front of a group of new hampshire democrats the other day, buck up and stop khaoeupbg he says. you've run a lot of campaigns. is it wise to attack your own party's voters? >> it's a little bit of a risk. there are very few persuadable voters left in america. there are very few undecided. people undecided, particularly independents most likely will not vote. the only alternative for the democrats is to turn out the base and get more enthusiasm there, we're clearly using the
12:28 pm
enthusiasm gap with the republicans. one of the ways to do that is basically to call you out and say that, you know, you're whining too much, stop whining and go to the polls. gregg: a quick one. democrats of course own both houses of congress, they control it, and they have not, as you probably heard in henneberg -- molly henneberg's report have not found unity with regard to the tax cuts. if they postpone it until after the election will that cause an alien asian -- alienation among voters. >> it might. i've been defending obama on this area for the better part of two years. gregg: are you tired. >> i feel like the only fire hydrant at the westminster dog show on some days.
12:29 pm
it's not easy to defend when you're in a situation like this. but then again whenever you've got a bad economy you're on the defensive and that's where the democrats are now. gregg: you've got a yellow tie on today, i suppose the analogy -- >> let's leave it right there at that one, right. there you go. gregg: bob, we love you, thanks very much. good to see you. jenna: thanks for having me. jenna: let the mud slinging begin, thins get very testy during the first candy bait for california governor. >> putting jerry brown in charge of negotiating with the labor unions, around pensions, around how many people we have in the state government is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bankment the fact is nothing that will done. jenna: a dracula reference from meg whitman. wait until you hear what else they had to say. we have that coming up next. to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories
12:30 pm
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12:34 pm
lively debate, as you mentioned, the first matchup between the two very different candidates, one, a seasoned veteran politician, the other a political novice but corporate ceo, a billionaire from corporate america, jobs and the economy were the hot topic with former ebay chief meg whitman characterizing jerry brown as someone who is bee holen to the unions, in turn engineer oh brown painting whitman as a rich ceo whose proposed tax cuts would benefit her wealthy contributors. >> she has the values that if you just give it to wall street, and business, and follow the george bush play book, things will be well. but we've seen the results of that and they're not very pretty. >> and i know we heard the sound bite, but in turn, whitman said that letting jerry brown renegotiate pensions with the unions would be like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank and there were plenty of those jabs throughout the evening. jenna: we weren't really expecting that dracula reference if we were
12:35 pm
predicting what was going to come up during that debate. one of the criticisms that you were talking about, jerry brown, he threw this at meg whitman, she's rich, she has a bunch of money, and she's buying this election. that's what some are saying. does she address some of those criticisms last night? >> reporter: yes, she did. that question was certainly put to her and remember, this is a record amount of spending for anyone spending their own personal wealth, $119 billion so -- sorry, million dollar, so far. now, she did address that question, she said voters will know that she didn't owe anybody any favors. listen: >> i think californians are really smart. i don't think you can buy elections. i think californians are too smart. what you can do is get your message out and tell californians what your view is of the way forward, and that is what i have tried to do. >> reporter: again, just to clarify, meg whitman, spending $119 million so
12:36 pm
far. she certainly is likely to spend more than that. both of these candidates want to occupy the building behind me, the california capitol. if meg whitman wins, she would be the first female governor of california. if jerry brown wins, he's already known as the youngest californian governor, but he would also be known as the oldest californian governor. he's now 72 years old. jenna, back to you. jenna: interesting race to watch. anita vogel, thank you very much, live for us in sacramento. also stick with fox news later today. we have meg whitman's first live toast debate interview, happening at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. you don't want to miss it, it's on your world with neil cavuto. gregg: right now, al-qaeda operatives planning a series of terror attacks across europe, possibly in the united states. and they remain at large with islamic extremists setting their sights on high profile targets. security officials are warning a plot to launch sill ul tapous mumbai-style shoot tph-gs britain, france, germany, denmark remains active.
12:37 pm
mike baker is former cia covert operations officer and president of diligence, a global intelligence and security. mike, always good to see you how did we get the intel that led us on to this plot? >> human resources, primarily but also technical collection. human sores, the ones we've been referring to is the german afghan who had gone to pakistan, had been training, trying to make his way back to europe and was picked up back in july. he's been held in afghanistan at our base there and gone through a series of interrogations. interesting point to that is that as the german authorities think that since 9/11, up to 200, possibly a few more, german citizens of various backgrounds have traveled to either iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, for extremist training, so that's a real call to worry. gregg: we appear to be escalating our drone attacks on certain regions in north waziristan, going after, what, safe havens? >> that's right. nothing happens in a bubble.
12:38 pm
the past couple of days people have made note of the fact that we've had an increasing number of drone attacks in the pakistan area, across the border from afghanistan, and that's not coincidence. we're not just sending those things up, hope to go find something. the reason for that is also connected to these terror plots that we're hearing about in europe. in order to carry out a mumbai-style attack which killed over 170 people in 2008 in pakistan, in -- in india, sorry, you need safe havens, you need relative stability to do operational planning to train your personnel, to handle the logistics. it's not something you can do in a safe house if you're running place to place. we had good success in iraq, in afghanistan, disrupting them. what's happened is they've regrooved in places like north waziristan, pakistan, and their using the safe havens to plan the more ambitious attacks. gregg: invariably, americans overseas are targets. we asked our viewers whether that would change their plans to go to europe, for example, and 69 percent say yes, this would altar life
12:39 pm
plans to head to europe, 29 percent say no, and here's what cody says, i'm canceling plans to visit france, i'm sick and tired of having the tro*s plots against americans visiting europe. what do you say to those people planning to take a vacation or business abroad? >> you know what, you got to keep busy living, right? what are you going to do, jump in a fox hole every time there's a terror plot? the al-qaeda organization, the taliban increasingly because they're looking internationally for attacks, they're not going away, we're not going to kill them out of existence. they're always going to be there. you can't jump into a fox hole and hide. if you said maybe i'm thinking about taking the family to yemen, afghaniian, or somali, then i would argue that's probably not a good idea. let's divert and go somewhere else. but the u.k., france, germany, spain, italy, all these place, you got to go, what are you going to do? >> gregg: right, an our intel and ability to foil the plots in advance is getting so much better,
12:40 pm
almost day by day, that we are better protected now than live 9/11 -- than before 9/11. >> we are and the effectiveness and frequency of things such as the drome attacks are directly related to the quality and the frequency of our actionable intelligence so any time you see a spike in something like that, that's good news because we're getting better actionable info. gregg: thank goodness for the intelligence community. jenna: waves of violent strikes, the shutting down of key transportation hubs, why it's getting attention on our side of the pond. >> details on that shooting in nebraska. hair i. do you have more? >> reporter: this is a chilling story. you have two things at work, a college campus and a hospital, a place where you take the wounded, not expect there to be some. i've gotten off the phone with police in omaha, trying to learn more details. what i know, two police officers shot in this. we'll be back with details after the commercial.
12:41 pm
stay close.
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12:44 pm
jenna: coming up today an "america live" here's whaty hearing about this terror threat, that it is real, and that the european government is, quote, on pins and needles. stay tuned, we have breaking details on this plot. and monica crowley joins me with a look at the ten signs that the u.s. is losing its influence in the world. also, john stossel with this shocking take on the american way, do we really want everyone to be able to vote? that's coming up on "america live". jenna: the -- >> reporter: the scene is creighton university medical hospital, we're told omaha police saying there is no suspect at large, a suspect has been critically wounded, police saying that a suspect opened fire on two police officers who were responding to a call at the hospital after there was a man with a gun at the hop. there was some gunfire
12:45 pm
exchanged, both officers were wounded, we're told they are nonlife-threatening injuries, but the suspect has been critically wounded. the hospital by the way is on partial lockdown because there are several witnesses and police want to make sure they round up all the witnesses and talk with them right now, crayton university medical center, they say no suspect at large. that's the very latest on this breaking situation. let's get you back to gregg and jenna. jenna: right now, major protests erupting all across europe, angry workers, taking to the streets, shutting down cities and clashing with police. greg burke reporting live in rome on this story. greg. >> strike ascross europe, it's basically people protesting the austerity cuts, they're starting to feel the pain and making their voices heard on the streets and spain, the general strike was the first one in eight years, and a bit of a strange occurrence there, basically the unions which had supported the socialist prime minister,
12:46 pm
zapatero, now in the streets against him, a handful of people arrested in barcelona and dozens in madrid. things also got rough in belgium, there, tens of thousands, perhaps 100,000 in the streets in bruss elts, some to protest against cuts by the home cub, belgium, others to protest at the headquarters of the european union which says it's going to start penalizing the countries that can't keep their spending down. basically there have been a lot of free spending countries in europe, the bill has finally arrived and they're fighting about who's going to pay for it, and finally, jenna, greece was relatively quiet today, though it's been one of the vocal countries in the past, some very local truck driver strikes recently and we should expect to hear more from them because that's the country that had most of the budget problems and there, the workers are feeling the most pain. that's the late forest here, back to you guys in new york jen greg burke on a developing story in rome, italy today. thank you. gregg: outrageous propaganda
12:47 pm
targeting america, across the muslim world, incredible claims for the u.s. being responsible for 9/11, to blaming america for pakistan's floods. are we fighting back effectively or losing a propaganda war with terrorists? coming up.
12:48 pm
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12:50 pm
jenna: "happening now's, you may not know it, but there's a very powerful propaganda machine orchestrated against us, the united states, by extremists in the muslim world. we were remained of this just last week with the iranian president suggesting most believe 9/11 was an inside job by our government. here are some other examples you might not know about. the alleged times square bomber was orchestrated by an american think tank. or this one: the pakistan floods are a result of the secret u.s. military project
12:51 pm
that controls the weather. sounds outrageous, right? this is what the ensphe saying about us. who's winning the war of words? cofounder and codirector of the counter terror extremism group is joining us now. ed, when it comes down to the war of words, who's winning that war? >> i think on the cultural front, the u.s. is winning, but from a political tprorpbgts as you rightly point out, extremists are winning because of the compelling nature of the narrative. on the cultural front, the west is winning simply because of the fact that mcdonald's, starbucks, hollywood, american clothes, jeans and so on, the desire is migrate to america, remains vibrant, across muslim countries. there's no american embassy that isn't swamped with applications to enter the united states. and the entire country, ph*bg manager, drinking coffee at starbucks is
12:52 pm
robust from the upper classes to the upper classes in most of the majority countries, so on the cultural front, this is good news, the u.s. and west in general are winning but on the political front, you're absolutely right, we still don't have a robust counter narrative to the extremist narrative that's being pumped out and the desire to blame america for all of the ill, whether it's as you rightly point out the floods or outrageously the 9/11 attacks, that desire to pin the blame on america remains alive and well in countries such as pakistan. jenna: that's a really interesting point that you bring up when you divide the cultural and political and when we hear some of these claims they seem so outrageous, they bring up the question how do you combat that. it seems insane. if we're creating a narrative to combat that, the narrative from our side has to be just as extreme or is that dipping down to their level? >> i don't think the narrative has to be extreme. i think if america does what
12:53 pm
it does best, in other words, stand up for liberty, stand up for freedom and stand up for justice, where unjustice and violations of liberty occurs, you will find that ordinary, law abiding, peace loving spiritual muslims will be onmark's size and the evidence for that is throughout history, there are muslim majority countries such as kuwait, kosovo, and other countries in which proamerican sentiment remains really high, and that's despite america's liberal military intervention policy in countries such as kuwait and in countries such as albania, so there is a mind-set. and don't forget, in 1956 when america stood against britain, against israel, against france, and conveneing in the 1966 sewage crisis, so there's an example of america doing the right thing militarily and carrying support for muslim majority countries. similarly now, where we see injustices happen, whether it's israel's actions or
12:54 pm
whether it's propping up dictators such as hazmi mubarek in egypt or in countries such as saudi arabia which happens to be our closest alley in the region, for as long as we continue to prop up dictators in muslim majority countries i think it's only natural to see those muslim masses start to wonder which side is america on, is it on the side of liberty and freedom as in the past or does it sadly seem to be on the side of dick stators -- dick target and monarchs that suppress their people. >> the question is if they're trying to reach people in those areas that are rural, that don't have access to western media, that are mainly confronted with our military in the very rural areas of afghanistan, for example, or pakistan, how do you reach them? what's the strategy? >> i think on the two examples that you cite, they're difficult ones. afghanistan is a mount of land and it's difficult to
12:55 pm
access the vast majority of the people there. but all of that said, the fact that america is committed with nearly 100,000 troops to try to nation build is an example of america trying to do the right thing in a hostile territory. but that message hasn't been communicated, sadly, well enough. my suggestion in a humble way would be to try and mobilize the imams in mosques and others that are outward face, not just the state media but outward facing independent imams and mosques who need to understand that america's business is not one of undermining islam as a religion, is not one to impose america's values but one that's there to help america and its allies in afghanistan and elsewhere to build democracy, to build free doll and allow the people and their cultures to nurture in a freeway. jenna: interesting, ed, we appreciate it. ed is cofounder of quillium, thank you very much for joining us today. gregg: a 15-year-old girl
12:56 pm
admitting she faked her own kidnapping and assault and -- and the ren she did it will shock you, coming up. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ jenna: brand-new video in that acid hoax case we've been watching. harris >> reporter: this is bethany storrstorro, a 28-year-old woman. she said someone attacked her and put acid-like fluid in her face. she confessed saying she put drano on herself. facing charges of second degree theft. people felt so bad for her after the supposed attack, the one that she faked, the hoax that they donated up to $28,000. prosecutors are saying she spent some of that money to pay medical bills and on shopping and dinner for her parents. bethany storro in court today, the first pictures since she got out of the hospital, back to you jenna: apparently pleading not

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